David Nathan Simon was a son, brother, friend, and special influence on people scattered worldwide. He was only 22 when he was tragically killed in an accident at O'Hare Airport in Chicago in 1993.

David had graduated from Bradley University three months prior to his death. He had already accomplished much and had touched many. At the time of his death, David was making the transition to a career, marriage, and all of the things that are expected after graduation.

What is the goal of the Scholarship?

Bradley University played a large part in David's growth and development. The best way to keep David's memory alive is to help others to help themselves.

To this end, the administrators at Bradley University choose four scholarship recipients each year.. The administrators use their knowledge of the applicants, an essay from the applicant, and a profile of David's traits to help make their decision.

A student does not need to be a 4.0 student. Rather - he or she must put all they have into school work and the opportunities that college provides...just as David did.

How does it work?

Your tax deductible donation is added to the principal in an interest bearing account held at Cole Taylor Bank. When fully endowed, the fund will generate interest income based on the principal. The principal will never be withdrawn, the interest generated will actually fund the David N. Simon Scholarship every year.

Would you like to help the fund but cannot attend the golf outing?

No donation is too small or too large. Please click here to make your donation today.

Does your company match donations?

If so, please send the matching fund form or enclose a note so that we can contact your employer.
News Articles
Pertaining to the Accident

Chicago Sun Times
March 29, 1993
Chicago Tribune
arch 29, 1993 
News Articles Pertaining to the Simon Family's Efforts to Make O'Hare Safer 
Chicago Sun Times
March 30, 1993 
Chicago Tribune
March 30, 1993 
Chicago Tribune
April 2, 1998 

List of Recipients
1993 Peter Jenkel $1,000
1994 Lisa Klaskin $1,000
1995 Lisa Klaskin $1,000
  Deborah LaForce $1,000
1996 Deborah LaForce $1,000
  John Dunnett $1,000
1997 John Dunnett $1,000
  Karen Bensinger $1,000
  Christopher Mazurek $1,000
1998 John Dunnett $1,000
  Karen Bensinger $1,000
  Robyn Hepker $500
  Irina Kogan $500
1999 Robyn Hepker $500
  Timothy Walsh $1,000
  Heidi Homer $1,000
  Mary Saffrin $500
2000 Heidi Homer $1,000
  Mary Saffrin $1,000
  Hillary Jones $1,000
  Jordan Pessin $1,000
2001 Jordan Pessin $1,000
  Zachary Matyja $1,000
  Jeffrey Klein $1,000
  Mary Saffrin $1,000
  Hillary Jones $1,000
  Joanne Zimmer $1,000
2002 Jordan Pessin $1,000
  Mark Stombaugh $1,000
  Jeffrey Klein $1,000
  David Logan $1,000
  Joanne Zimmer $1,000
  Vanessa Brockman $1,000
  Mara Schulman $1,000
  Mary Saffrin $500
  Tiffani Ziemann $500
2003 Jordan Pessin $500
  Jeffrey Klein $1,000
  David Logan $1,000
  Vanessa Brockman $1,000
  Tiffani Zieman $1,000
  Justin Baker $1,000
  Drew Spencer $1,000
  Adam Tinken $1,000
  Amber DiGuiseppi $1,000
  Laurn Gilkerson $1,000
2004 David Logan $750
  Adam Tinken $1,500
  Justin Baker $1,500
  Drew Spencer $1,500
  Amber DiGuiseppi $1,500
  Lauren Gilkerson $1,500
  Courtney Marcordes $1,500
  Mark Karosky $1,500
2005 John Felbinger $2,500
  Chris Knuth $2,500
  Brandon Kurzweg $2,500
  Denise Boyle $2,500
  Abby Kole $2,500
  Courtney Marcordes $2,500
2006 John Felbinger $2,500
  Chris Knuth $2,500
  Brandon Kurzweg $2,500
  Denise Boyle $2,500
  Abby Kole $2,500
  Courtney Marcordes $1,250
2009 Marissa Griminger $2,500
  Andrew Crebo $2,500
  Kevin McClelland $2,500
  Kevin Humphrey $2,500
  Rebecca Smasson $2,500
  Amy Agosta $2,500
2010 Kevin Humphrey $3,000
  Andrew Crebo $1,500
  Kevin McClelland $3,000
  Daniel Kahne $3,000
  Marissa Griminger $3,000
  Rebecca Smasson $1,500
  Erica Morris $3,000
2011 Daniel Kneller $3,000
  Jonathan Cain $3,000
  Daniel Kahne $3,000
  Monica Ray $3,000
  Samantha Schwartz $3,000
  Courtney Reinertson $3,000
2012 Andrew Aubry $3,000
  Chadd Keeper $3,000
  Ashley Kirwan $3,000
  Elizabeth Szalay $3,000
2013 Andrew Aubrey $5,000
  David Ellsworth $5,000
  Patrick Fleming $5,000
  Ryan Swing $5,000